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Torkelson Chem Mater Graphic.png

Rational Design of Polypeptoids for Silica Mineralization


Ma Adv Mater Graphic.png

Controlled Mineralization with Protein-Functionalized Peptoid Nanotubes


Zhao et al Highlight Graphic_Hierarchical Self-Assembly_Biomac_2022.png

Hierarchical Self-Assembly Pathways of Peptoid Helices and Sheets


Monahan et al Highlight Graphic_Peptoid

Peptoid-Directed Assembly of CdSe Nanoparticles

Zhang et al Highlight Graphic_Multiple 2

Multiple 2D Materials From a Single, Patchy Protein

Davila Polymorph Calcium Carbonate.JPG

Directing Polymorph Specific Calcium Carbonate Formation with De Novo Protein Templates


Zhang PNAS graphic for highlight.JPG

Anomalous Rotational Dynamics of Proteins on Surfaces


Prelesnik Highlight Graphic.JPG

Protein Assembly on Surfaces Reflects Intrinsic Ion-Specific Solvent Response to the Surface

Ziatdinov et al Highlight Graphic_Deep M

Deep Machine Learning for Quantifying Protein Dynamics from High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy Data

Alberstein et al Highlight Graphic_JPC Lett.JPG

The Response of Water to Surface Structure is Key to Understanding Protein Self-Assembly on Mica


Qi et al Highlight Graphic_Predictive Framework_ACS Nano.png

Predictive Framework for Dynamic Control of Protein-Nanoparticle Assembly


Ma et al Highlight Graphic_Layered Heter

Layered Heterostructures from Nanoparticle-Mediated Assembly of Protein-Modified Peptoid Nanosheets

Zhao et al Highlight Graphic_Mesoscale M

Mesoscale Model for Engineered Peptoid Materials

Pyles et al Highlight Graphic_Designer P

Designer Proteins Self-Assemble into Wires and Lattices on Crystal Surfaces

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