February 22, 2021

Chemical & Engineering News

Samson A. Jenekhe's Pioneering Polymer Work Paved the Way for Commercial OLEDS

Proteins hero_0.png

September 25, 2020

PNNL Highlight

Making a Protein "Multitool" for Assembly: Changing the Environment of Proteins Directs Structure Assembly 


July 30, 2020

Clean Energy Institute

PNNL-UW Materials Science Pioneer James De Yoreo Receives U.S. DOE Distinguished Scientist Fellow Award


June 19, 2019

Frontiers in Energy Research

Artificial Intelligence to Solve Important Problems in Energy and Climate Change

December 5, 2018

CSSAS Press Release

Dr. Rubul Mout Appointed to Frontiers in Energy Research Editorial Board

Shuai Protein Chessboard.png

October 19, 2020


CSSAS Researcher Shuai Zhang's Work, "Protein Chess Board in Nanoscale," Wins 2020 NNCI Image Contest 


September 18, 2020

The New Yorker

CSSAS PI David Baker's work highlighted in The New Yorker: "Scientists Advance on One of Technology's Holy Grails"


March 1, 2020

Frontiers in Energy Research

Tackling Energy Challenges: An Inside Look at the Approaches of Two EFRCs


March 1, 2019

Frontiers in Energy Research

Energy is Encoded in the Genes: Scientists Discover an Enzyme that Converts Carbon Dioxide into Methane

November 9, 2018

CSSAS Press Release

Dr. Janani Sampath to Serve as Liaison to BES Early Career Network


October 7, 2020

APS Physics

CSSAS PI Samson A. Jenekhe Recipient of 2021 APS Polymer Physics Prize


September 10, 2020

Institute for Protein Design

David Baker Awarded 2021 Breakthrough Prize


August 14, 2019

Physics Today

Tuning Organic-Inorganic Interactions​: Modular Lattice of Programmable Proteins is First Step Toward Hybrid Materials


January 1, 2019

UW Information Technology

CSSAS Researcher Sarah Alamdari on Using Hyak, UW's Supercomputer, to Support Her Research

August 3, 2018

UW News

UW, PNNL to Host Energy Research Center Focusing on Bio-Inspired Design and Assembly