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The following papers have been submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Semi-Supervised Learning of Images with Strong Rotational Disorder: Assembling Nanoparticle Libraries

Ziatdinov, M.A., M.Y. Yaman, Y. Liu, D. Ginger, and S.V. Kalinin

Formation, Chemical Evolution, and Solidification of the Calcium Carbonate Dense Liquid Phase

Jin, B., Y. Chen, H. Pyles, M.D. Baer, B.A. Legg, Z. Wang, N.M. Washton, K.T. Mueller, D. Baker, C.J. Mundy, and J.J. De Yoreo

Physics and Chemistry from Parsimonious Representations: Image Analysis via Invariant Variational Autoencoders

Valleti, M., Y. Liu, and S.V. Kalinin

Towards Accelerating Physical Discovery via Non-Interactive and Interactive Multi-Fidelity Bayesian Optimization: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

Biswas, A., S.M.P. Valleti, R. Vasudevan, M. Ziatdinov, and S. Kalinin

Active Deep Kernel Learning of Molecular Functionalities: Realizing Dynamic Structural Embeddings

Ghosh, A., M. Ziatdinov, and S.V. Kalinin

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